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Advice about  building  plant for the production of pellets tel: 00 359 878 62 33 85 Dima Yotova

The pellets are a type of solid fuel in the form of small cylindrical granules having a size of 6 mm to 8 mm in diameter and 10 mm to 30 mm in length, obtained by high pressure and temperature. All pellets are biomass produced from ordinary low-stem plants and trees such as grass, straw, moss, food and wood waste which are obtained from ground and dried biomass obtained as technological waste in the manufacture of solid wood. If necessary, the biomass is comminuted to a suitable particle size and dried. The resulting output is with very good technological, environmental and economic characteristics. The pellets can be used in boilers with special burners for pellets. The great advantage of pellet fireplaces is that they don’t require chimney draft and they assure uninterrupted service because they are automated and only setting concerns appropriate program employs fireplace without a commitment to continuous loading and cleaning. They are economical fuel, in comparison with other fuels. They are suitable for storage and transportation. They can be used as fertilizer.

From an environmental perspective pellets are a product that doesn’t harm the environment because due to almost complete combustion, much of the fuel mass is converted into heat and only a small proportion of the fuel mass is ash and noxious gases going into the atmosphere.

Market development and production of pellets in the country is not yet developed enough, although in Europe it grew by whopping 25% per year for the period 2001 - 2015. Undoubtedly, this makes the pellet business one of the fastest - growing and lucrative business in recent years. For Bulgaria, which is rich in timber and the waste it has so far remained unused, this is really a great opportunity for the development, success and profit. When processing only one tree, about 30% thereof was discarded. It is this residual wood is the basis of a new source of energy, namely wood pellets, which are an alternative thermal energy that can be used for heating schools, homes, buildings, enterprises and others. Households and the public sector play an important role in developing the market for pellets as they are one of the major consumers of the production. An important factor that encourages the use of pellets is easily accessible raw material for their production. In households pellets penetrate too quickly after potential customers are confident in the security of supply of fuel and see clear economic efficiency by replacing the used fuel with this renewable energy source. In this way the market develops, because there is interest and demand. Also the cost of the pellets is lower than that of coal, oil and electricity. So they are  cheaper and more compact to use and at the same time are environmentally friendly.

If you intend to build a production line for pellets or pelleted feed "Yotov Consult" will assist you to:

- The technological design of lines or pellets for the production of pelleted feed and integrated solutions for the production of fuel pellets and pellet feed into one system.

We advise our potential customers as well as to build complete lines for granulation (pellets or pelleted feed), as well as for creating configurations of machines that meet their requirements.
- Visit and advice about  suitable land and factory building to build the new production;
- Consultations on the selection of appropriate machinery and equipment;
- Selection, supply, installation of technological equipment as well as providing warranty and post-warranty services;
- Our engineers will carry out installation at your convenience;
- Designing systems with partial or full automation with digital process control;
- Preparation of project documentation for the application to provide grant project;
- Management consulting and project reporting to the funding agency.

We currently offer the widest range of machines for crushing, drying, granulating and packaging of biomass in Bulgaria. We work only with machines and devices that are relevant to the above processes associated with the production of pellets and pellet feed.

Who can apply: existing and newly established small and medium enterprises throughout the Bulgaria.

Funding: 50% of total investment - grants can be obtained for machinery and equipment, building activities and construction of a new workshop, consultancy, architectural and technological design.

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