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Йотов Консулт - вашият Европейски партньор

Във фирмата работи екип от високо квалифицирани специалисти с доказана професионална компетентност и богат опит в разработване и управление на инвестиционни проекти ...

Need a project

You have good and rational ideas but you don't have the necessary means for their implementation. "Yotov Consult" will provide you with up to date information about programs and competitions in order to take advantage of opportunities for grant support for your business in order to be viable and competitive.
The preparation of project proposals is a specific activity and providing our expertise will make your proposal successful in order to be next organization received funding under international programs.
"Yotov Consult" is a consulting company that offers the following services:
- Information - consulting and business services to SMEs, unemployed and people with disabilities;
- mediation in the sphere of the import and export of goods and services, assistance for contacts and partnerships with foreign companies
- providing updated information about funding opportunities for ongoing projects and programs;
- information about upcoming seminars, trainings and international scholarships;
- development of projects for funding;
- providing methodological and technical support to small and medium businesses on current projects and programs financed from the state budget, pre-accession programs and the Structural Funds;
- full cooperation in the management and coordination of projects;
- provides information on projects for national and cross-border cooperation, youth programs and initiatives, as well as information about national and international tenders.
"Yotov Consult" is cooperating with companies from different industries and areas of activity in the development of projects under grant schemes of program for human resources development and enhancing competitiveness. "Yotov Consult" indicates the assistance of non-governmental and civil society organizations in developing projects related to various initiatives aimed at social activities. The company has a rich database and can provide updated information on funding opportunities and funding programs of various foundations, national and international funds. It supports business contacts and  facilitates partnerships with many professional organizations, other consulting firms, as well as in the NGO sector.
Yotov Consult works with renowned experts and specialists as external consultants.

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